There is more to the Facebook story…….


In 2008, when Facebook (s FB) introduced Facebook Connect, a way for folks to use their Facebook credentials to other websites and services, it was pretty obvious what Mark Zuckerberg’s long term goal was: controlling the identity infrastructure of the web. Once you do that, then you get access to all sorts of data and you are always relevant.

The mobile app revolution has only accelerated the adoption as more and more apps are using Facebook’s connected identity. And if there were any doubts, Mark lays them to rest in this interview with Businessweek (emphasis ours):

That way we can start to build interesting products like News Feed, or show who’s online for chat, or rank your friends so they’re in the right order for a search. But even when we were at half a billion people, you got these large-scale services like Skype or Netflix (NFLX) that also…

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