The Re-Boot


I was never cut out to be an employee and believe me I tried and failed. I was too lazy to do things the long way or the hard way and tried to find shortcuts which actually worked, which really pissed off my bosses.

Too cut the long story short decided to start up on my own so that I can run the things my way and at my pace and wherein all the profits come to me. Ventured into a lot of things and finally in the year 2002, decided to start up an Industrial catering Unit to cater to the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry in the millennium city Gurgaon, India. The BPO Capital of the world.

Started small and scaled up over the years, growing my customer database of Blue chip companies and obviously my P/L statement! K aching!. Life was great business was Blooming ,  my Income was growing and then the Economic crash of  2008………………..Blew up on my face. My business almost halved in less than 6 months thanks to the slow down and the staff & Cost  cutting at the blue chip companies.

Nevertheless picked myself up, struggled and got new customers. The sales went up gradually till the Food inflation BOMB! in India hit me like a sledgehammer. So here I was with Sales on a All time high but with the Cost running higher than ever and to make things worse  I had yearly /bi-yearly contracts with my clients where in there was no scope for price increase .

My margins virtually disappeared and there came a crossroad where I realized that my sole reason for being an entrepreneur was to be my own boss and lots of Profit. The Former reason disappeared  like the Ghost Protocol and I realized that being in a service industry I was bound by contracts which were made by my clients and thus I had no price control over my product which in turn ruined my profits. Suddenly I was providing a service to my BOSS (My client) pun intended with no direct or indirect gratification.

It was like being in a job of  9-5 but instead over here it was 24/7, 365 days  and to top it off no monetary gratification. Lost all my sleep, money, time for my family and was constantly heckled by my Bosses (clients) for better services without better prices. Didn’t know what to do, where to go, a complete mental block and a feeling of hopelessness.

Then one day surfing the site I came across this Featured book by TIMOTHY FERRISS “THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK”. Saw it, bought it and it conquered me. It changed the perspective of my life. I realized that it was never too late to Reboot (Hence the Heading of my post) and  as TIM puts it “a Lifestyle Redesign”, Outsource life and live the  way I want to live and enjoy it .

To round up, ironically, I did what my clients were doing “Outsource”. I outsourced my complete business for a fixed Monthly return in 6 figures and dived into E-commerce bandwagon as I was always a tech freak and wanted to be part of it someday and decided that today is the day I do it. So hence my First post of the many to come.

Its long but  it Justifies my reason for the post Heading. I had REBOOTED……………….!


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